POOL PAINT PROBLEMS-Do you have black algae, rough marbelite, stains, fiberglass delaminating, leaks? Do you use excessive chemicals? Do you need a lining or coating that will out perform most others? Epoxyman epoxy pool paint will solve your problem

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DIY epoxy Pool Paint by Epoxyman. Pool painting is now easy with the first solvent free epoxy Pool Paint to contain glassflakes

Pool Paint epoxy developed in collaboration with Epoxyman and Industrial Chemists as a pool paint suited for lining and coating for painting swimming pools, concrete, plaster, fresh water tanks, sumps, ponds and water containment. Pool Paint GL for all your DIY pool painting renovations.
Environment friendly (green) for use on marbelite, plaster or fibreglass. 



Renovate your pool today and save money with our environment friendly pool paint


  •  Minimum Surface preparation
  • Water based epoxy pool paint primer
  •  Penetrates concrete, marbelite and plaster
  •  Solvent free epoxy pool paint (Green)
  • Contains glassflakes, adds strength and resists permeability
  • Use pool paint on fibreglass (fiberglass)
  • Bonds To Old Paint,
  • Easy Application: Brush, Roller or Spray
  • Excellent resistance to: salt water, chlorine and acids.
  • Non toxic pool paint suitable for potable water.
  • Lasts up to 4-7 years before first maintenance
1st September 2008

Hello John
Just a quick note to let you know that my DIY application went really well.
Your instructions were precise and easy to understand.
The end result far exceeded my expectations and I am more than happy to recommend your product.
Thanks for all your effort (I am not used to such service anymore in SA!)
Please feel free to send me info regarding the products that my tenants can use in their hangars and I will make sure they get it!
Once again Thanks for all your help I really appreciate it!
Ben van der Merwe








Application Procedure full DIY instructions, How to Paint a pool in pdf format

High pressure wash at 180-200 bars.
All surfaces should be clean and dry before application
All old loose coatings must be removed
Penetrating primer  pool paint primer
Mix the pool paint primer (4 litre epoxy kit) in the proportions supplied and apply at 4m2 per litre . allow to dry +- 4 hours at 25 C
Intermediate Coat 
Mix epoxy pool paint(2 litre epoxy kit) well in the proportions supplied and apply by brush or roller at 6m2 per litre. Allow to dry +- 4 hours
Top Coat 
Mix pool paint(2 litre epoxy kit) well in proportions supplied and apply by brush or roller at 6 m2 per litre. Allow to dry
Finished dry film thickness will be 350 microns or more

Overcoating times: Minimum 4hrs Maximum 24hrs at 25 C. Do not apply if surface temperature is below 10 C
A full list and prices of DIY products can be found by clicking on products link below

If you want to be sure that DIY epoxy pool paint is an option for you, check how to paint a pool .

Need more information or not too sure? Check my blog choosing a pool paint

WARNING Pool paint that does not have a dry film thickness of at least 350 microns (14mils) may fail 

To calculate the amount of paint you will need take the use this link for volume and other useful pool calculators If in doubt contact us for friendly assistance

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DIY  application instructions

DIY  Swimming pool epoxy coating Photos

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